Happy Day

13 Dec

yup…Disember 13,this girl were born at Klang, i guest…but now what i know she live at Sijangkang..yeh, strange name huh? haha like her laa strange name too-mahanorsasa muntahar.very nice girl..erm, i knowing her since 1st day at utm.. but at first i dont really like her actually..erm, coz maybe she grab my friend-faza. [hehe like childish] but now i really luv her. coz she really take care of a mom take care of her children..all 5 of them really like my soul.. shukran.. tiap yg hilang ada penggantinya… thats make me feel comfortable when i sindrom down.. hehe..

12 o’clock we celebrate fasa [faza n sasa] birthday.. moca cake seem yum..yum.. yeh maybe someday i’ll buy it for others..

and after that, my plan is to complete my psmI but its just a plan, my mission not complete dicipline,what we plan will not achive..yeh plan to planning b4 u fail…thats what i saw at advertisment.plan 2 planning fauziah! gambate!

@ last i gave the douglas n irene..yeh its not easy to choose a suitable ‘ayat’ to ‘ayat’ douglas tuh… afraid that maybe my ‘ayat’ make him hate me..i donno..but KATAKAN TANNAK very suitable for him.may he understand what i mean..Arashi!

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