02 Jan


I’ve never mention b4.about my psm..hmmm.seem its not important 4 me..but..No!! sebaliknye..but i don want pikir susah sgt…tension nnT..seem its going very well…seblm2nyer..i’ve attend the interview for purpose my tajuk psm..alhamdulillah..selamat..fuuh…but now..i must research..and research bout my topic…study maa…thank to Allah for ringankn my keje..coz kakak (mus) hv help me to translate the journal..thank u lah…gambate fauziah zaibidi…hmmm so long i’ve never call my parent…hope ayah..healthy again… abang, be a good musician..if he want..and the same time B a good hamba Allah..for adib..dijauhknlah..plkn..tuh…& hope u pursue ur knowledge..B a good son K, and plg ptg..B a good hamba Allah too…ceh macam buat wasiat je.. ala2 laa…okla..time 2 continue my study bout cgi-perl..esok kuiz!!

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