why beautiful life?

01 Apr


when the holiday start, i cant imagine how long i bersabar..
to watch full house..oo berantu tol full house nie..
so, kawaii..i tersuke the actor so much..hehe
mun huik..and de cute actress..juenna..i think so..

why beautiful life?[berbalik pade tajuk]
coz this dorama i luv so much!
that’s why i named this blog as beautiful life!
i think itself can bring much meaning to mylife..
from watching this dorama..make me excited
to create new hair style..hehe like syuji!
and make me adore takuya kun so much.
but now not so much laa..
tak macam dulu..
cd dorama yg xde subtitle pon sanggup beli!

erm donno la why..tibe2..
terminat lagi plak..
maybe coz baru2 ni jumpe pnat..yg adore takuya sangat2
semua cd takuya,gamba n lain2 dia ade..sugoi!!
so..this pic remind me sewak2 mude2 dulu..
tika wak2 SPM..pon sanggup bace buku ala kadar..
nk tengok beautiful life 2 kali punye pasal..
petang n tengah malam..hehe keje gile tol..

Image hosted by

hehe takuya kun!! mase ni menurut pnut kat litar sepang agaknye..takuya tengok f1!

Image hosted by

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