23 Apr

19hb – last sunday we (pah,lina,me) went to PWTC to celebrate “PESTA BUKU” / Book Fair. Lets get & buy & read any books to enhance our language or knowledge or what so ever! Starting Thursday Till 26th of April (This Sunday) They open  to public.. About 2 hour we pusing2, usha2..tired Ooo. mY intension is .. Photography Magazn only..but at the end I bought:-

1. Apartment IMPIANA
2. SOLUSI – panduan hidup bersyariat
3. Mutiara kata

2 hours only bought these??!!! org kedukut!! room are full wiv book already!! especially nigon go book!! must think 1st b4 buy any..or else need to buy another shelf!! naaaaa… not again!! xcukup ruang oke!! pepun im wonder y ppl said malaysian still not reading enough? ngaa.. konpius2.. sbbnye ramai gler org kat sane..sampai sesak2 bagai..huhu..mayB not enough reading a litreature book? but after some surfing @ google.. now i know.. malaysian only focused on reading news paper + magazines (light reading). Only 3%  read books oke!! Compared with American citizen.. 53% read fiction & 43% read non-fiction books! yihaaa!! besarnye jurang!! for details

ps : the most precious moment when Ust. Zahazan kasi Autograph!! & hv conversation wiv me yihaaa!! im so glad..almost wanna cried!!


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