Husna & ezcema

10 Jul

She got ezcema while ago. Its a pain to watch ur baby itchy here and there when her sweating and especially at night! since our home sweet home a lil bit hottie!. I always cried “what to do? what to do?” n Fren suggested to just buy air conditioner.. We dont mind to buy..but we think “sayangnye nk tebuk2 umh org!” huhu

So for the time being, we just used medicine.. Husben gugel2 best clinic for eczema, and found a forum! They said, this 1 Dr. Tin* r good.u should try.. Coz her son got ezcema, he got 1 injection, less then 1 mon, the ezcema gone! WOW..

Then apelg..we try la.but dr said our daughter ezcema not the cronic one, so no need injection lor. So we got some drugs and some advice for 5 up = RM 170 kui kui.

Then dah smp rumah, my husben facebooking..then he join 1 comunity ~ cure ezcema in natural way ^__^. The doc and community suggest we buy Olivenol or Moogoo cream to replace the Steroid cream. The steroid cream will help as well, but long term effects aren’t good. As steroids can cause a lot of damage.


Almost 3 weeks we had used ISB, MsM and MILK Wash. (We bought it at Caring Pharmacy since there’s starter pack and also got less haha) It shown improvement lor. Now gatal2 dah kurang =D dan kulit dia pon dah tak kasar lg! Gudey2. Phew lega and alhamdulillah!


And a cream for ummi


After this..we will try search a good house for Husna oh yeah! Got air cond and a kitchen cabinet is a plus!

Ps : my fren said that she seldom bath her daughter with salt ~ in a way to reduce the ezcema.


1. 7 natural ways to treat eczema

2. eczema – wikiHow
3. forum

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